Haglund Heel Comfort

Haglund’s Heel is a painful condition that often develops from the impacts of two-foot conditions occurring at the same time. Haglund disease occurs when bursitis, inflammation of a fluid-filled sac, and Achilles tendinitis affect the same area in your heel. Your heel bone protrudes as the inflammation on your heel calcifies. Haglund’s deformity can occur for many different reasons, including wearing shoes that are too tight on your heel. If you are looking for an easily accessible Haglund's cure, ComfyWalk Insoles could be your go-to product for relief.

Insoles help take pressure off the arch and the heel, providing comfort by increasing balance and decreasing strain on the feet. The superior cushioning provided by ComfyWalks’ revolutionary, six-layer design could aid your foot in the healing process while avoiding any rubbing that can lead to additional irritation. Read more below to find out why ComfyWalk is the best insole for your Haglund‘s heel relief.

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